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Every other line of this entry is a cryptic (well, not to me at least) remark from my mind. It's ignorable. I just feel like saying it because it means something to me. It means too much to me, for different reasons than you might think. I could try to explain it, but I don't think you'd truely understand.

I'm bored, yet I can't figure out what I want to do. I'm talking to iceraver about roleplaying at the moment, and it interests me, yet I'm still bored. I'm considering watching Mulan but I know I'll get bored with even that until I can burn off some of this excess energy.

Something... something at the tip of my brain. Something that sits there and wants to be noticed but as soon as you reach for it it flees.

I probably won't be online from my computer for a while. There's no internet connection upstairs so I'd have to set it up down here. I'm going to wait for a desk before I set it up down here so I don't break my back working from the floor.


I need to talk to tearysky at some point, online preferably. He probably won't be online again until tomorrow, though. I shall wait.

This isn't how I saw things. No, this isn't what I want. Is it? I don't know.
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