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This unit is in danger of crashing.

Ugh, I need to get some more rest. Last night I didn't go to bed until some time after three in the morning, and Le insisted on waking up at nine this morning when the alarm clock was originally set. That alone wouldn't have been a problem but I think I woke up about an hour before nine with my contacts completely dried out on the outside. I must have slept with my eyes open or something, because they don't usually do that. After I finally got them wet I think I went back to bed, but I'm really not sure as it was a bit of a haze.

I kind of want to see Le again tonight but he works until ten tonight and starts at ten tomorrow morning. Not to mention if I don't get at least some energy back it would turn into him playing Animal Crossing and me passing out on him. I think I can wait until he has more free time tomorrow. Plus, he could use the time to get together with his roommate and friends, especially with how much we've been together lately (and his roommate has been out of town). I don't want to monopolize his time.

Either way, I've been totally out of it this morning. My sister wants to do some 'family' stuff some time tonight, such as going to see a movie together or playing some games (hearts/go fish and uno sounds decent), but I'm not sure I'll have the energy to do much. Maybe after I eat some food and/or get a nap I'll be better, cause I'd rather not disappoint her. She seemed a little disappointed that I've been gone so much these last few days.

I was talking with iceraver last night about the Landmark forum and, while I don't know much about it, it seems like a very good place to go for self-development. I still don't know entirely what it does, how it works, or how much it costs, but some time in the further future I think I might want to check it out. I say "further future" because I know it won't work for me right now because I have a mental block keeping outside influence from helping, or it simply doesn't help (maybe).

Last night, before going to Le's place, I straightened up my room and put up my cloths. That carried over a bit while I was there because I did a little cleaning to his room as well. I folded his cloths (even if they are dirty and need washed (Le! *wink*), it still makes the room look less messy by not having them laying everywhere), putting most of the trash in bags, and collecting all of the comics laying around. Next I'll organize his CDs, books, and receipts, heh. ^^
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