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Morning wake up call, at 7:10

The first song of the day is "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw. Feels ironic for it to be playing this first. Some of these songs really speak to you about things. For instance, this one says to live like there's no tomorrow, to hold nothing back. [Lyrics]

Last night was another one of those odd little dreams. Basically, in the dream I was playing a computer game where you run a prison and try to make it the best one around with the biggest population. Eventually you used your population as a contest with other prisons. I'm not really sure how all that works, but I sucked at the game because by the time I woke up I was just barely starting to figure out how it worked and get a decent few thousand population.

Last night, before I went with Esther to wal-mart, I finally focused myself into some work. It's not much, heck it's very little, but I got a static PDI archive page up. I was about to get started on the RSS feed but then I went to wal-mart.

I went to bed after one last night because I was helping tearysky with more computer and router problems, and woke up ten minutes after seven this morning. Why? Am I expecting to talk to Le before he leaves for work, or is there simply too much to do to stay asleep? Well, whatever it is I'm going to get started with that RSS feed now.
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