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You'd think...

What was I just going to say? It was something on my mind that I wanted to say but wasn't sure I would so I went here anyway, and now I don't remember. I supposed that's for the best because what I do remember is that it wasn't really happy.

I'm at Le's right now updating from his laptop while he uses his computer to admin a game. (Oh how I miss the days I would admin Xenocide3001. Too bad any time I tried to joke people would think I was actually going to "abuse my powers" ... ugh. Anyway.) He's been at it since I got here, so I've been pretty bored. I've considered reading (I brought a book with me) but I really don't feel like it, even though it's just getting good. Then I considered doing some work on Imperial Kingdoms, but I don't have the password for that and no way to retrieve it off-hand. I'd have to go back to my computer and look it up. I then considered just starting from scratch using my domain (which I do have the password for, thank you very much), but then I discovered he doesn't have any of the tools I would normally use for coding, such as a syntax highlighting text editor or even a FTP client.

After I discovered he didn't have an FTP client I just decided I would see about using Knoppix, which I know will have the tools I want. The bad thing is, that is going to take over two hours to finish downloading (down to an hour now, but still a long way off).

So, now I'm sitting here on the bed feeling depressed/depressive. I'm not entirely sure why, but I have my guesses. One is being I want attention but I know he has to do the game so I'm beating myself up for wanting his attention anyway, not to mention I know he needs to have a life other than myself and it's not fair to want his attention all the time. All I really want to do is snuggle up to him, but that's still asking too much right now.

Oh, I almost forgot. I broke his computer earlier while looking to see if I could get his third hard drive hooked up at the same time as the other two. I had pulled out the data wire to the CD drive and, when I went to put it back in, I somehow got two of the pins crossed so the cable wouldn't go back in. He really needed his computer back so that sucked. Thankfully, though, I was able to fix the pins and get it back together and working. I also somehow fixed his sound problem, although I have no idea how.

I keep saying I'm going to clean his room but I haven't. Despite how 'messy' it seems everything, Le probably knows where things are and if I go and 'clean' it he won't know where most things are afterwards. He has a lot of receipts around that need straighting, and (clean, of all things) cloths laying around that need put up before they get too mixed with the used. Well, at least the middle walk-way is clear for the most part.

Knoppix is only 66% done, with 45 minutes remaining. I'll go ahead and submit the entry and lay down bored again.
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