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Lunny Bin! (Linux)

Knoppix finished at some point in the night, so I turned off the computer when I got up around 2am this morning. (No, I didn't stay up, but that is when I found out about the LiveJournal announcement) I'm currently running from Knoppix on iceraver's laptop, and it's running pretty smoothly for only running off of memory and CD.

I've read over the announcement and changes to come and, from what I can see, none of it is really bad. LiveJournal isn't going down, it's not going paid-user-only, or any of those other things that everyone is accusing it of doing. It wasn't a takeover by Six Apart, so it's not like Brad didn't have any choice. In fact, Kudos to Brad for doing so well in a position he didn't want, nor liked, in the first place. One way of think of the change is that someone else is managing LiveJournal so Brad can spend all of his time on programming like he prefers to be doing.

Le's playing Animal Crossing next to me in the living room. I was going to do some programming on here for Imperial Kingdoms but I'm not sure where to start right now, and I don't feel like taking the hour or two it will take in order to start over from scratch and/or familiarize myself with what I currently have. Then there's to consider that I've already been making changes to the code which are only on my home computer and can't access from here, so I'd be doing some of the same work over again for naught.

I'm not in such a downed mood as I was last night, but that doesn't mean I'm feeling all that great either right now. I could use some more food (already ate a bowl of cereal, not that that is ever very filling) but I'm not sure what to eat.

Ooo, I just found a game called Enigma! I remember this game, or one very similar, from a long time ago with my brother. Basically, you control a little metal marble/ball with the mouse and bump into blocks around the screen to 'activate' them. The point of the game is to active all the boxes of the same color around the screen (matching, in other words). I'll have to check it out some more later. ^^

I'm going to get off for a while and snuggle for a while. I could use the peace to calm my mental state before it goes down again.
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