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It's the thing I love to do... (well, besides that)

Ya know, it makes me kind of happy to get back to programming, specifically for Imperial Kingdoms. You might ask "Why" but I can quite easily tell you because it's just my thing. It's the thing I know how to and can do. It gives me pleasure to work with code I know will give other people enjoyment. It can be frustrating at times, especially when I might work for hours only to find out I have to go through it all again to change a few minor things throughout the entire thing or that I could've done it so much simplier, but I still love it.

Edit: You know what would make me even happier about it? Being able to share it with someone, especially if I could share it while I was working with it. No, this isn't a hint to anyone. It's simply a statement of fact; I would enjoy sharing my experience. I must get back to going through the code now. Ta'ta.
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