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This just made my day :-)

soccerfreak240 just made my day with a compliment he said in the Imperial Kingdoms IRC channel. For a moment we were discussing parents and how I could relate to what he was saying.

(12:03:53) IGD|Soccerfreak: how old are you?
(12:04:04) Zimzat: 18 by 6 months
(12:04:25) Zimzat: Feels like I'm older than that... but I'm not.
(12:04:31) IGD|Soccerfreak: seems like you are
(12:04:44) IGD|Soccerfreak: i always think of you as like, 20, 21, 23
(12:04:55) IGD|Soccerfreak: (not so much 23, more 20/21)
(12:05:17) ***Zimzat squeaks happily at the compliment
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