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Conversation with Stephen at 2005-01-28 18:07:00 on Zimzat (aim)

This was just too funny. Here's a hint: It's me being insane. ;)

(18:07:00) Zimzat: *blink blink* Die?
(18:07:29) Stephen: what?
(18:08:03) Zimzat: What? It's not like I was asking you to die.
(18:08:43) Zimzat: heh
(18:08:51) Zimzat: Dice aren't lethal, usually.
(18:09:31) Stephen: usually lol
(18:10:10) Zimzat: *tap ... poke ... jab*
(18:10:46) Stephen: yes?
(18:10:50) Zimzat: *entertains himself at your express*
(18:11:09) Zimzat: Kind of bored, but mostly just entertaining myself.
(18:12:01) Zimzat: So what's up?
(18:12:22) Zimzat: Plain old boring "nothing happening" life still?
(18:12:23) Stephen: not much---chamomile tea is my friend
(18:12:42) Zimzat: *snip* set to get married yet? ;)
(18:13:07) Stephen: not yet, I think lol
(18:13:27) Stephen: I am tired of being sick
(18:14:33) Zimzat: Marry Green Tea then.
(18:15:12) Stephen: I am drinking chamomile right now for the sore throat
(18:15:41) Zimzat: oh, ok. So cheat on the Chamomile and have Green Tea for a mistress.
(18:15:55) Stephen: lol what kind of acid did you take this morning?
(18:16:44) Zimzat: Umm, it was either a mind boil or the hot pocket. Hard to wear pants with hot pockets.
(18:16:55) Stephen: o.ô
(18:17:36) Zimzat: *giggles* Mind boils are indiginious to Alpha Centari
(18:18:45) Stephen: sooooo getting journaled
(18:19:46) Zimzat: Nooo000!! Not teh jour-nel! *screams in horror*
(18:19:58) Stephen: lol
(18:21:20) Zimzat: *tries to scrub teh jour-nel with a sos pad* get it out, get it out, get it out! *scrubs faster, causing his monitor to scratch* ;)
(18:22:25) Stephen: lol
(18:23:02) Zimzat: *whimper* my poor monitor.... RIP
(18:23:25) Zimzat: *sniffle*
(18:24:56) Stephen: *pet*
(18:25:08) Zimzat: >.>
(18:25:18) Zimzat: Theif! You stole my biscuits!
(18:26:00) Zimzat: I'm gonna call the biscuit cops on you.
(18:26:11) Stephen: o.o you've snapped
(18:26:17) Zimzat: *wonders where he left his biscuit phone*
(18:28:14) Stephen: biscuit phone?
(18:28:37) Zimzat: *finally finds it in the oven and opens it*
Chief! Stevie stole my biscuits! He insists I'm a snap, but my toes aren't snapping.

(18:30:19) Zimzat: *eyes Stevie cautiously after getting off the biscuit*
(18:30:41) Zimzat: You were spying on me while I was taking a dump, weren't you?
My biscuits dump perfectly, thank you very much.

(18:30:49) Stephen: *shakes head and pulls out the longbow*
(18:31:07) Zimzat: *waves hand* fine, fine. I'll stop.
(18:32:54) Stephen: you sure?
(18:33:33) Zimzat: *lowers his gaze and stares over the rim of his glasses*
(18:34:31) Zimzat: *raises an eyebrow* You doubt me? ME, of all people! Ha. I'll teach you to doubt me.
*places a little smiley face sticker on your forehead, giggles, and skips off*

(18:35:06) Zimzat: *shakes head*
(18:35:37) Stephen: *grabs a flaming arrow* aaaaaaah shitake hah! *fire!*
(18:37:48) Zimzat: *pulls a sheik and vanishes in a puff of blinding smoke*
(18:38:38) Stephen: *summons Dark Magician Girl*
(18:39:10) Zimzat: *summons Dark Magician in offense*
(18:40:08) Zimzat: Now take that!
*stares as they start making out rather than fighting*

(18:40:38) Zimzat: Get a room you two!
(18:40:44) Stephen: grrrrrr foiled again *vanishes in shadow*
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