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For Sale: One (1) heavily worn life, still many years left

You know what's sad? I just did a price comparison on eBay and my computer would only go for about twenty-five to fifty dollars. It's almost at that point where you'd have to pay someone to take it.

A few other items I could sell are a couple of books I didn't want in the first place and my gameboy games. One book might go for $10, but most likely only $5, and the other I'd be lucky to get $5 for. I'd get even less on Brand New Books for $5 or less. sheesh. The games might go for $5 each, or $10 if I'm lucky. Well this sucks. Seems I'm almost worthless.

On the final note of this post, I did get all of the belt buckles put up on eBay. The one that's been up there for a couple of days already has one person watching it, but still no bids. Ah, oh well.
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