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Information Request: Enemas

I know some people might find the subject of enemas to be "TMI", so this is cut and anyone that doesn't have any information on it or something to share may bypass it as they please.

After a comment that enemas are bad, I've been doing a lot of research into them lately. At first most of the information I could find was only how to do a decent enema, but, after finding out it wasn't spelled enima, lately I've found dozens of articles about it. Most of them say there's nothing wrong with an enema as long as you don't over do it. Here's where I'm getting a little confused: Some said once a week, some say several times a week, and some even said twice a day is ok.

One arguement against frequent enema was that it washed away all the good bacteria with the bad. The solution to that was eat yogurt, but some articles even said that wasn't really an issue as it gave a place for the good bacteria to foster.

Another arguement against enemas was that it weakened the lining of the rectum and colon. A lot of places said, contrary to that, that it would strenthen the lining of the rectum and colon.

The last arguement against it, that I can think of off hand, is that it makes it more likely for STDs to be exchanged/transmitted. While I don't remember there being anything against this, it was only something like 5 or 10% more likely. My arguement against this is that if neither partner has any STDs and neither of you are fooling around with other people, then it's not possible to increase the chance of getting an STD.

Of views that support enemas, one reason was many people stayed healthy or got better by having regular enemas.

One other place said the only reason enemas aren't highly supported today as they were in previous times is because it was simply cost-effective to prescribe a pill in five minutes than to spend an hour with a patient cleaning out their colon for $500.

Does anyone out there have any more information or evidence to support either view that I haven't already discussed here?

P.S. After I get back from applying at Wal-Mart I'm going to post some of the sources I found.

Edited to add: These are a lot of the places I've already looked into. I may be missing something as I'm going back retroactively to find them. There are a dozen and a half links to different sources here.

Klismaphilia - A Physiological Perspective

Health & Yoga - Enema - enema instrutions
Health & Yoga - Frequency of an Enema
Health & Yoga - Who should avoid enema?

Enema Tips (Everything above 'Enema Equipment')

Enemas - Are They Useful?

Enema easy as 123
Enema FAQ's FAQ

McKinley Health Center - The Enema

Stone Fox - Enema Information

Douche and Enema How To Medical Fetish Library
AnalPlay - How To Medical Fetish Library (the part on enemas, "If you just use warm water it doesn't seem to upset the natural balance of bacteria nor does it irritate the lining.")

CHC Medical Library - Enemas (Some risks ("don't do without a doctor"), but not Why)

Enema Products: Uses and Cautions (mostly just for non-water or medical-related enemas)

RxMed: Pharmaceutical Information - Fleet EnemaThe first place to say this, "Frequent or prolonged use of enemas may result in dependence for bowel function."

Gummi Klinik: Enemas

Enema Mine
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