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This may (or may not) be me getting job shafted

I feel slightly shafted right now. Something just doesn't feel right about this.

So, I applied at Wal-Mart a couple of days ago because Le heard they were hiring in the toy department. They called yesterday and set up an appointment for this morning. After I went in and the interview was under way I'm told the position is for bike assembler. Ok, fine, I need the job anyway so I'll do it.

There are three things that happened during that interview that stand out to me. The first thing is that the lady that gave the first part of my interview, the one in charge of the toy department, had another interview that day. The second is that they already have a bike assembler and only need one bike assembler, but their current one may (read between the lines here: or may not) be transfering to the garden department. The third, and last, thing that has me wondering is they need to check my work references, but Blue Bayou is seasonal and isn't open right now, and Tinseltown was back in 2003.

All this has me wondering what position they're going to offer the second interview (they said if the references checked out they'd be calling me back to get a drug test) and/or if they shafted me with the lowest position they have (because I didn't put any requirements of work time, position, etc).

Maybe I'm over reacting a bit here, but I doubt it.
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