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Couple pictures and a roadtrip

Yesterday Kristy, Le, and myself went to a restraunt named Ponderosa to meet up with Chris, a friend of his from California, before he moved to Austrialia with his fiancee, Rhea. It's about a two hour drive further north to get there, and for Chris, his fiancee, and his mom (who was the driver) it was also a two hour drive from Illinois. Anyway, meals were eaten and plenty of laughter over hours of conversations (literally, I think).

Before we left on the roadtrip, Kristy took some pictures of Le and myself, and once there we also got some of Chris and the group, but none of Chris' mom because she took all the photos. Something about her reminded me of Aunt Betty (good thing, mind you).

Le and Myself before leaving (... so it's not the greatest picture of myself)
Another of Le and Myself (... again)
One of Chris and group right before leaving the restraunt (From left to right: Russell, Le, Chris, Rhea, and Kristy

On the way home we stopped at a Wal-Mart because Le and Kristy needed to use the bathroom (and get directions to the local mall). I didn't need to use the bathroom so I waited outside, where there was a little girl, about 6 or 8 (I'm horrible with guessing ages), who was waiting with a cart for her mom to get out of the bathroom. Le was out first and had his kilt on. The girl started asking him if he was irish or scottish, if he had seen a lepricaun, if he was a lepricaun. Le excused himself to go smoke outside. A minute after he left, the girl came up and asked me "Who was that?" Well, what was I supposed to tell her? So I said "My boyfriend" and she goes "oh..." and goes back to the cart. Kristy came out a moment later and we left to pick up Le at the door before leaving. Poor girl. ^^ Oh well, she was bound to find out sooner or later.
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