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Waking dream, then bathroom

I just had one of those rather interesting dreams.

In it, I was suddenly a teacher, as if I didn't rememeber anything before I was in that teacher's spot, how I got there, or even anything about the day before(s) (you get my meaning, right?). I wasn't just an ordinary teacher, but a college professor. There were some other professors there as well, like this english teacher played by Robin Williams (I think that's his name. Dead Poets Society) (I'm also assuming he was a English teacher. He certainly was spouting off things often enough, even if there weren't any students around)

The highlight of the dream is that I would write assignments on little sticky notes ("Joey, Jim, Pg. 269") to students who weren't up to par with the rest of the class. I was trying to write the above note with a dull #2 lead pencil, and doing it over and over because it was coming out in my scratchy handwriting, and starting to think I should use a ball-point pin, or a finer pencil, when I suddenly had to go pee. I put the pad and pencil away and rushed off to the bathroom.

The bathroom was a huge dome, with a smaller dome inside. Between the two domes were a few stalls on the outside wall, and on the inside were the 'stand up and pee' things. I'm not sure if there were sinks, but I think they were at the corners of the inside dome. The impression that I have is that in the inner dome were showers. The funny thing about this bathroom, is that it was co-ed, so there were a couple of females in there somewhere (the dome was huge). Robin Williams was muttering as he peed on one end, and I searched around futily.

Then I woke up and went to use the bathroom, only to find Kristy was in it so I came back and wrote this. I heard her go out so I'm going back to the bathroom now.
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