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'Well Of Fortune' Possibly Dried

Well, it seems my well of job fortune my have dried up.

The person who is currently bike assembler didn't transfer after all. (Sounds like why the garden center called) The real problem is, while they were 'considering' me, the other two backed off and, as far as garden is concerned I know this is true, went for other people. Right now, provided they didn't as well, 3rd shift may be my only hope.

Sucks how opportunities dry up when you don't/can't take them right away.

Oh well. That just means I'm still jobless. Nothing new there.

Seriously, I'm fine. Means I made that list prematurely, and I'm still a begger, but I'm not going to kill myself over it. I haven't felt this tranquil in a long time; something you could say I lost hold of over the years and let it get away from myself.

*goes back to trying to get warm and finding something to do* *utterly bored*
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