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Unsolved Murder Mystery Dream

I had a very interesting dream last night.

There was a mass murder on a private boat in the harbor, and out of the ten people on it only one was still alive. Now, you might think this would be a fairly clear 'survivor killed the rest' case, right? You might be wrong. All of the people on the boat were related to each other, and the sole surviver was a young boy in his early teens.

Somehow it was my job to decypher the clues and figure out what really happened on that boat. The boy called the police at one point, but the call only made things fuzzier. On it, the boy was saying something about his nerves were fried. Some may think this has something to do with mental nerves, but once he got to the hospital it was found out nerves in his skin had actually been fried, which seems easy enough to assume to be rather painful. Satillite photos covering the area revealed that no other boats moored with it between the time it left the dock and the police boat docked with it.

This is leaving only a few possibilities. One possibility is that the people on the boat killed each other, and the boy's fried nerves was an attempt to kill him as well. Another possibility is that someone swam, or scuba dived, to the boat and killed them all. A third possiblity is that someone rigged the boat with some sort of device to kill them all before it left the dock. Lastly, but not leastly, the boat simply mal-functioned so horribly that it electricuted everyone.

The problem is, there are no reports as to how the people were killed. They were simply dead.

In the dream, I would go through as many possible variations and scenarios I could come up with. None of them were proven or disproven, but many were left hanging as a possiblity. All of them provided one more clue as to what happened, and at the same time ruled out none of the possibilities.

So now, I'm left hanging with an unsolved murder mystery that I'm likely to solve in whatever fashion I see fit. I may just do that with a short story if it lingers with me too much longer.
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