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I have to admit, sometimes my sister can be annoying.

When someone interupts what you're doing to say "Guess what" you expect them to have something dramatic or important to say, or even just to talk about something that happened to them. She comes in, interupts what I'm doing on the computer, says "Guess what" and after I say "what" she goes "I love you." ... I'm like, ._.' did you really have to interupt me.

She goes on to start singing out loud something kiddish and totally off sync.

My computer may be in the living room, but only because the ethernet cables won't reach upstairs and I don't have a wireless card. It doesn't mean I want to be interupted every five or ten minutes with "Hey Russell, blah blah blah something extremely trivial that has nothing to do with me in the first place blah blah blah" especially when I have my headphones in and have to take them out and have her repeat everything.

Now, hopefully I can get back to reorganizing the IK website, without being interupted.
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