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The Orkin guy was cute >.>

Oh, my gosh.

My brother has Orkin Pest Control come out every other month to spray. I was in the bath last night and the phone rang, so I grabbed my towel and ran out to the hallway to get the phone. A guy on the phone said he'd be out here tomorrow (today) and wanted to know when he could come by here. I asked what time he had in mind, and said that 10 in the morning would be fine.

I was taking a nap when the phone rang this morning a little after 10. It was the guy again asking where we lived. He mentioned a couple of street names but I was disoriented and not sure how they all connected. I walked outside and looked to the corner. I asked him if he was in a white pickup and then told him to look to the right. He saw me, and then pulled up to the curb.

I met him at the door, did a mental *wide eye blink blink*, and chit-chatted. He sprayed while I checked on things on my computer. During the course of him being here I learned the lady who I saw do it last time left the company about three weeks ago. As he was preparing the receipt I asked him how long he had been doing this and he said about two weeks now.

After he left, for the life of me, I tried and couldn't read his signature. When Esther got in I asked her if she could read it, and she then pointed to the printout on the page of his name. ._.' His name is Josh Robinson. What gets me is that he looks younger than he probably is, and he looked cute! >_<

No, I'm not going to leave Le for him or anything like that. I'd just like to talk to him some more, cause it seemed like he'd have some interesting things to talk about. Then again, maybe not. I'll just have to try finding more contact information than phone number and address, and even then possibly not him.
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