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Outdated/useless coding knowledge

Well, it looks like I've become outdated/useless in the world of programming. Everyone wants their programs done in C#, .NET, or Perl these days, while I only know PHP and Visual Basic up to version 6. I'll start doing something one day and then a few days later, after I'm well into it, I'll find something else that makes it outdated, and then repeat every few days.

It seems like, for as much as I'm into computers, I'm not what people want, thus making my interest and knowledge null.

So, barring the computer, what else can I do? I can be meticulous, pessimistic, aimless... amoung other things. I think it's best I just give up on the idea of doing computer work. There isn't a large demand in the computer field, and there are tons of people out there who can do what I can, as well as what people want, faster and more accurately, all the while having a degree to back up their knowledge. Who wants some still-teen kid who taught himself everything he knows.
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