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An analysis of my Friends List and Money

Ok, let's analyze this.

I have 33 mutual LiveJournal friends, of which 5 frequently and 8 occasionally comment or respond to my entries in one way or another. I know some of you probably don't check LiveJournal every day so I'll cut that number almost in half, and some have vested interest in not responding so cut it down by a couple more. Of those 13 people, that still leaves 5 people that could've responded. Only 2 have responded to the poll I posted over 22 hours ago.

So, I wonder, why does my journal have such a low return rate on comments and feedback? Is it because everyone feels they might step on toes if they express their opinion? Do they think it's not worth the time or energy to say anything? What?

If you think that the reason people don't respond often to mine is because I don't respond often to theirs, take a look at my comment count. I have posted nearly twice as many as I've received.
Comments:Posted: 2,051 - Received: 1,246

But I digress. This is getting no where.

What is the point of saving money? Isn't the purpose of money to be spent, and if it's not then what's the point of having money? I've been so long with very little or no money of my own that I want to spend at least some of it. It's not like it's a renewing source of money or that I technically have bills to pay. (If any of you think I owe you something, say so! Don't go getting offended if I spend it on myself if you think you should've gotten some of it but didn't say so, point blank.) If I save everything I get then I'll be in the exact same place I was before I had any; unable to get virtually anything.
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