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Where most of the money goes

Last night I decided what I would do with my money.

With my brother's help, I bought a barebones computer kit. It comes with a mid-tower case & power supply, ATX motherboard, AMD Duron 1.8GHz CPU, Cooling Fan, 256MB of DDR memeory, keyboard, and a mouse (not that I need the latter two). Compared to my current system, that's over four times as fast, and twice as much memory.

I'll be using half of the rebates to pay off the last two books I needed to get for Science Fiction Book Club, and the other half (plus some to make it $40) will go to iceraver and persephone_wynd to go into their house account. From there, they can buy the cat tree I was considering getting for their cats or use it toward anything else they need or want.

Anything left over from all that will go into the bank for when my next hosting bill is due.

All in all, it works out pretty well. Maybe not how some people think I should use it, but that's ok; They're not me, and I'm not them.

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