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Unusual dreams

Someone should ban my dreams, so to speak. The dreams I've been having over the past week or so have been... interesting, to say the least.

Take last night for example. At first the dream was very fuzzy and I had no idea what was going on, but as it progressed it looked like one of those watergun arcade things where you hit the target for X amount of time and win a prize. Then it turned into a line going up a inclined wall and you had to race to get from the bottom to the top while staying in the line. If you went out of the line you incured a time penalty for each second out until you got back in. The final, and most interesting, change happened last; It was a championship-type contest and you had to do it with anything that peed (dogs, cats, you, whatever). ... Yeah, very ... interesting.

I didn't get involved in last nights dream until the last change, and then my team was barely staying in. I (using a dog the first time) was barely able to keep us in the competition and got us a second ahead of the other teams. The thing is, in order for someone to win or lose they have to be at least two seconds ahead or behind. After a couple of more rounds (you couldn't do consecutive rounds) we were ahead again by one second, and completely out. Go figure.

Of course, that's when I woke up and needed to go pee.
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