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Not as good as hoped

My nights are getting worse. I went to bed around 11:30 or 12, and woke up a little before 2 with my throat feeling sore and burning. I came out and put some water in the microwave, then some honey and lime cuts in that. It didn't taste very good, and I think I might have liked it better if I hadn't put the lime cuts in, but it did sooth my throat a bit. I considered sleeping in the living room curled up on the couch, but I decided to try and get some more sleep in the bed.

Not too long after, I woke up again but this time just got a cup of warm / hot water. It eased my throat a little as well, but I knew I'd be awake again soon anyway so I didn't go back to bed. I brought the laptop and pillows in the living room, and that's where I am now.

I probably should have taken the Nyquil, but I had taken the Dayquil less than 6 hours before (as of when I first went to sleep) and I didn't want them interacting with each other, plus, if my throat was dry and sore I didn't want the nyquil ignoring that and getting me in worse trouble later. I think things may even be getting a little more complicated, though. It's a little sore on the bottom left where I'm told wisdom teeth come in. I can feel and see a partial tooth right there, but I think I've been able to for some time. I may have just brused it with on of the cough drops, though. We'll see.

It's nearing daylight again, but it's still raining. It rained all day yesterday, and all last night. There's no telling when it'll let up at this rate ( says this afternoon, but they've been inaccurate before).

I'm tempted to go back to my brother's house. I'm not sure why but it feels like it would be better over there while I'm sick. Maybe it's that it's warmer there than here, more familiar, or that my sister would be there and I could get her advice easier.

I've written enough for now. I'll post this and entertain myself with who knows what until Le gets up or something. Something.
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