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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
What I want...
When someone askes me what I want I often decline to answer because the things I think of require money. I know that if I say them they're going to start pestering me to get a job. I don't like to be bugged about doing something if I've already tried or there's nothing I can do about it right then. If you're going to bug me about something, then be ready to do something right then and/or come up with ideas that I haven't already tried; don't just say "You should... (get a job)" like I don't already know that. It's insulting to think I didn't already know that and your brilliant observation of the obvious is going to suddenly change everything.

Oops, went off a little.

What I really want is someone to help me and keep me going no matter what happens.

I have to go to the store to get some things for my sister. She's not feeling well; mostly the same thing I had the other week.

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: "Stick Around" by Swirl 360 / "MMMBop" by Hanson

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