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Gripes about Clue, The Movie.

Has anyone here seen Clue, The Movie? Le bought it today on DVD and in it are three different endings. Some things about the endings have been running through my head.

Ok, first off, in the game there is only one killer, but in the movie's "real" ending it portrays them all as the killers of various individuals. That's all good and well, and might have worked, but then some whacko with a gun that works for the government puts them all in jeopordy by very obviously reaching for a gun, doing a little 'hero' movement, and shooting the 'butler'. In the previous two endings they always had the FBI swarm the place to take out the one killer, and had they done that for all of them in the last one I wouldn't have as big of a gripe about it. A few seconds after the 'butler' is shot the FBI swarm the place anyway, and had the undercover agent let the 'butler' get away he would've run smack into the FBI swarm and been caught anyway.

The 'real' ending was just so cheesy, and it felt like it was portraying the FBI as the 'perfect'/unbeatable heros.

I'm off to bed now. I have a lot of game coding and designing to do tomorrow.

P.S. I'm feeling much better now.
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