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Eating tidbits all day

I've been feeling sleepy most of today. I should probably take a nap, but it feels like I wouldn't be getting anything done then. Not that I'm getting anything done now by being groggy.

I've been eating a lot of small meals or snacks today. I've had the last part of a PB&J w/bananas sandwich, part of a bowl of chicken dumpling soup, a little later the other part of the soup, a few salsa dip chips (can't think of their name), a handful of cheese puffs, a whole banana, a boiled egg, and a few cherry donut centers (or something like that). All of this was spaced out over about five or eight hours, but it's still a lot by my standards.

Ya know, I'm just going to go take a nap. Maybe that'll help me un-muddle my brain.
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