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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
Adding more tidbits to the list
Ok, add Au Gratin potatoes, orange dreamsicle cake, granny apple sauce, and frosted mini-wheats to that previous list, and this time all in the last half hour. I was thinking about some chocolate pocky, but I don't feel like opening the package for a couple of them, and I'm starting to feel 'full' (for as much as one can feel full but still want to eat more).

I feel like taking another nap now, but if I take one now I'm likely to be up way past midnight. I still feel kind of sleepy though. I think I could've slept longer earlier but only slept a couple of hours because I knew Le would be picking me up after a couple of hours.

Tomorrow late afternoon I plan on mowing my brother's lawn. Le is working the late shift so I'll have plenty of time to do it. I figure I'll start around 4 or 5 when the afternoon starts cooling down but still has an hour or two of light left in the day.

P.S. I haven't used this icon much recently.

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