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You're all being graced tortured with my presence because I don't have anything better to do, and my neck hurts when I move it in certain directions. I could use a massage or something, but it wouldn't feel right from my sister and no one else has made themselves available. I'm not intending to be mean, just jabbing. *jab jab jab* *crowd yelps* Stop That! *grumble* Fine. I won't jab again.

I'm hungry, and I don't know what to eat. There isn't enough variety around here (anymore) to keep me interested.

I could clean out the fridge. There's some peanut butter cookies that have been in there like a month now, as well as a coconut pudding pie (or something) that probably needs thrown out. Of course, I don't know if Kristy or Le would want them still or thrown out, so I better leave that kind of cleaning alone. I already threw out the bag of very obviously spoiled green pepper slices that have been in the fridge for like a month now as well.

I might as well wander the house, or something. I'm hungry, and I'm not getting anything else done so I might as well try to sedate that.
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