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Living in the past

I just want to take a moment to live in the past. I won't take up much of your time, if any more than it took to read this.

A long time ago I used to be part of a group of gamers called Dark Hall Gamers. We thought of ourselves as a democratic group, where each member held as much weight as the next. At first we mostly just played free games, such as Hellbreath before it went pay-to-play. After a while most of more active members were playing pay-to-play games, and as such I couldn't join them in playing.

The clan's website was done in plain HTML and rarely updated, and our members and positions changed more often than it did. I offered to remake the site in PHP so that it would be easier to maintain and wouldn't require editing the HTML manually, opening a ftp program, and uploading them. I figured that if other people could be given permission to update the member roster (or any other part of the site) without giving them access to everything or requiring the owner of the site to upload every change they make things would run smoother.

I brought my idea up to the owner of the site and asked that I make an example before deciding yes or no. The owner flat out refused, stating that if I ever left then no one would be able to maintain the PHP pages. I told the owner that once a PHP page is up the chances that anything go wrong with it are slim. The pages would, for the most part, maintain themselves. The owner still refused.

During this time, I had access to the phpBB forum to upgrade the forum and do maintenance as needed. Before the owner had actually refused, I was getting everything together I would need to make an example page. As a precaution, I downloaded a backup of everything on the server to work locally and in case anything ever messed up. In hindsight, I should've told the owner before I did it, but I didn't until after I had done it. A little while after I did the backup the server went down and the owner blamed me for it, making a public post against me, marking me as an outcast, once the server came back up. Later the server's host email the owner and said that the server outage was due to unforeseen maintenance, but the owner refused to apologize.

I made one last post in the forum stating what I had done and why, and that I would be leaving if the owner wouldn't stop bashing me. Many members said to let me make the example so they could all decide. The owner basically said "Don't worry, he'll be back" and couple of the members said "No, he's serious. He's not going to come back." The owner of the site refused to listen to the members, and I haven't been back since.

A while back I found out from one of the people in the group who I still had contact with that the site later went to PHP after all, by one of the owner's friends. Because of that incident, and several others with similar outcomes, members of the group broke away from the main group, or off all together.

Today, I was going through the members list on Xenocide3001 and saw the owner among them and a link to the old site. I followed the link to see if anything was going on with it and found out it has been scooped up by a "search engine" (you know the type).

I'm not glad that the group is gone, but I saw it coming. When the games that got all of the attention by the website and chat room were pay-to-play, it lost a lot of its members who couldn't keep up with buying the different games and/or paying the monthly fee for them.
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