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The Autobiography of Russell
Life from a different perspective
WindowsXP + UltraEdit + Gaim must die (or something)
Ever since I installed the Windows Updates last night, Le's laptop has been giving me more problems than previously when it comes to using the FTP part of UltraEdit. It's utterly annoying. UltraEdit is on the allowed programs for the windows firewall to accept, but it still takes ages for the connection to go through, and now it's even timing out trying to connect.

What makes it worse is I'm having trouble getting Gaim to connect to GameSurge IRC now as well, again.

*wishes for his computer, or at least linux* I can understand linux. I can figure out what any problems are a lot easier than I can in Windows. Windows is like a lawnmower; Just cause the symptoms seem to point to one thing, doesn't mean it isn't something totally unrelated.

Edit: Found a fix by setting UltraEdit's FTP settings to 'passive'.

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