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Getting interesting, and getting hogged (plus no wisdom teeth trouble)

So. So. Things are getting interesting, with PDI, IK, and other things (including my life). There's not much I can say right now about any of it.

I figured out that the slight pain in my mouth isn't from my wisdom teeth after all. There is some sort of sore in the form of a bump under my tongue near that area. I was figuring it was my wisdom teeth because, to check the pain, I had pressed my finger against where they're coming in and felt a little pain (nothing major, really). I may still have to deal with them later, but for now I know they're alright.

There goes rpmq/prelink/updatedb/etc again. Whenever I first get into linux/kde it starts up those processes and hogs my cpu and hard drives. (I'm starting to think my hard drives are the bottleneck to my computer. They are quite a few years old now, after all) The man page for prelink says it's supposed to speed up something-or-another, but all they do is slow down everything until I manually kill them. Oh well. If they ever get done with whatever they're doing on their own maybe they won't run so much.
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