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Wrapping up the day.

Earlier today my sister commented that I'm a seasonal worker. Something about off six months, work three months, and off three months.

I'm very tempted to go sleep. I'll let Le wake me up if he wants me for anything. *wink*

A little while back I did some painting in a house for my brother and sister. Today I did some sheet rock mudding and mowed the lawn. Tomorrow I'll be sanding and painting a base coat where I applied the sheet rock mud. A couple of hours later I'll be painting the second coat and will be finished.

For the lawn I'll be getting between $15 and $20. The mudding, sanding, and painting will be $50. Cleaning the inside and washing the outside of my sister's car will be $30. The painting job I did about a month ago was $200. I'm not doing great in the job/money department, but I am getting something done for job or money even if it's not the traditional nine to five job.
I'd like to apply at one (or more) temp job agencies in town my sister was telling me about today.

Le is getting annoyed at the cats because they're trying to inspect his drink/food. Personally, I think there should be a a more tolerant view ctoncerning the pets, but they're not my pets so I can't say anything.
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