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Wanting more time on my computer

Lately I've been wanting to spend more time at my brother's house. It's not so much that I want to be here, but that I want to be able to use my computer. I can use Le's laptop while I'm at his place, but it has Windows XP on it, along with a host of other annoyances. It does have UltraEdit and SmartFTP on it for my editing needs, but I prefer linux's Kate and gFTP now (or KFTPGrabber, should it mature a little more).

My computer just puts me in the mood to work more than his laptop does. If I could get Linux on his computer customized exactly how I have my desktop computer then maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but that would require repartitioning his drive or making a custom Knoppix CD, neither of which I really feel like doing.

It would be nice if my computer was more portable, but a 18" (viewable) screen doesn't come small, or light.
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