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Data Gloves, maybe?

Today there was an article in Slashdot wondering what happened to the virtual reality hype, and it got me wondering if there are any gloves out there now that are less expensive. I've always liked the idea of using a data glove to type and control things on the screen. Most of the gloves out there are several hundred dollars, if not several thousand.

Sure enough, I found one called P5 on eBay for only $24. It's made for the right hand however a group on Yahoo details how to convert it for left hand use, although not as comfortably as the right hand.

There were also some pictures on a P5 being dissassemled in the Yahoo group. I was hoping they'd give some details on how to make a custom case for a left hand glove, however, upon looking at them, it mainly details taking the base station apart and leaves the glove mostly alone. I think I'll post something in the group to see if anyone has considered this before.

One idea I have is to create some sort of 'virtual'/visual programming enviroment that makes use of the glove. Variables, functions, statements, etc would be represented by various symbols and could contain each other to show the various relationships between them. For example, a variable would be linked to a function that contains a variable to show something long the line of $variable = function($variable);. At the same time, you could list pre-built functions and available variables off the side that can be dragged into the enviroment and linked up with other things as needed. Sounds like an interactive coding enviroment.
Of course, there's no reason a mouse can't be used in place of a glove or even better than a glove. Maybe there would be some use of a system like this elsewhere... ?

Ok, I admit, a glove is fairly useless for anything but 3D modeling and 'realistic' game controls. I still think it's cool, though, and would love to have one.

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