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Tidbits of Information

My boyfriend screws up my email address more than anyone else I've seen. He wants to make it zimzart and/or .org. Of course this doesn't mean I didn't get an email yesterday to my ex from his friend, and not even to his old email but to a wrong email.

I'm not going to say anything about the time I was gone. The post I made right before I went "poof" will upset enough people. I can't really say I'm back, but I am ... around. In a way, I'm testing the waters to see if I'm ready or want to be back.

My brother and sister are about to leave for vacation. They'll be gone for a little over a week to Florida. My brother plans on doing some scuba diving and my sister is going for a church leadership meeting. They'll also be visiting our Aunt Betty while they're there. I'll be taking care of the cat, Tawny, and what's left of the fish (two of the six have died and one more looks like it's trying to die, or something) while they're gone. Tomorrow I also have to send off my brother's laptop for repair while they're gone.

I think that's more than enough for now. I also just noticed this is my 999th journal entry. har har.
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