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TRF event

Today my brother, sister, iceraver, persephone_wynd, her brother, and myself went to the Tennessee Renessaince festival.

For whatever reason I was in a horrible mood on the way there. Maybe it was a lack of food, the music blaring right into my ear, not being able to hear or make out most of what was being said between Kristy and Le, or all of the above. I felt like it was a group of three, a conversation of two, and in other, unrelated to the trip, areas an activity of one. Eh. *shrug*

The only special thing of the day was the pyro/trick show right before we left. Lots of gay references that cracked everyone up.

<rant>I am tired of being dragged along with other people when I don't really want to go, and if I try to decline they hold it against me. At the same time they keep pushing me to decide what I want to do yet what I want to do is unacceptable to them. Excuse me, this isn't their life I'm deciding what to do for. If all I want to do is sit in front of my computer reading news articles, playing a few small games, and programming, then that's what I want to do. They take it personally that I don't want to go out on the town with them when I just don't want to go out on the town. I'm tired of people telling me I need to decide things for myself, trying to force me to do something, and then holding it against me when I decide I don't want to do that.</rant>
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