Russell (zimzat) wrote,

Thoughts of Death

Death is an interesting event that brings into question the concept of the afterlife. Death itself is an inevitable thing for the average human. There's talk of immortality but for now we're not. The afterlife is what most humans fear and pity others for.

Most people fear death for various reasons. Some fear it because they know not what is beyond it. Some because they think they'll go to a bad place. Some pity the dead because they think they went to a bad place.

Many people feel sorry for the dead, saying their life was cut short. In reality their life was exactly as long as it was. Time travel we have not, and thus can not say they would have done great things until they have already done them, in which case their life was not cut short because they already did them.

The living also have to do something with the dead's possessions if they weren't already shared. A lot of people seem to think this is shallow thinking. Let them. While they're lecturing you about being shallow, you'll be making use of the dead's gain and keeping them in your thoughts one way or another.

I just found out today my ex-boyfriend, Stephen (aka tearysky), died in a car crash Sunday. I'm not in shock or crying. I've thought more about him now that he's gone than in the past few months. I can't say I'll miss him. I suppose the people around him are going to regret his death. One thing I am curious about is what will happen to the apartment he and Nick shared, as well as what will happen to his laptop. Ah, to wonder.

I know I shall not gain from anyones death.

PS: I looked up the local newspapers to see if there was an article about his death. Lafayette's local paper has an article with more details on it
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