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Rent, Math, and Secrets. ;)

What is it with just about every gay person I know, and their friends, fawning over Rent? Is it the key to being considered queer or something?

When I got home yesterday I found my sister in her room doing math work. It was interesting to help her out on some of the problems. For example, one problem is figuring out the rate of the current based on time and distance traveled with and against the current. The book's formula for with the current was "(r+c)*t=d" and "(r-c)*t=d" for going against the current. Esther was having trouble with the formula and I don't blame her, I was having trouble with it as well. I gave her an easier solution, "r=((d1/t1)+(d2/t2))/2" and "c=(d1/t1)-(d2/t2)/2" (abolute).

Yesterday evening I did something but I'm not saying what. ;) And the few people who do I would prefer not to say anything.

Today I've been working on a special project for PHP. I can't say what it is either, yet, but I will within the month. I say a month because the next round of IK starts next weekend and I need to put the finishing touches on it before it starts.

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