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Flirting with *

I want to flirt with someone, but... My ex, tearysky, could have told you there is nothing subtle about my flirting. I tend to flirt with virtually every guy I talk to, be them straight, bisexual, or gay, so long as they're cute.

If I were the kind of guy who has sex with random guys I could probably go for some light fun about right now. Oh well. ^_^;

We're having an ant problem here again so the Orkin guy has to come out again. On his last visit he had his hair shaved off and he didn't look as cute as he did the first time. I'm still tempted to flirt with him though, just cause.

No, the desire to flirt does not mean I'm looking for another relationship. Just means I want to... eh... flirt. Yeah, that's it. ^^;;

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