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Overdue posts

I meant to post this a couple of days ago but, well, it sat here and I didn't get around to it until I came back to write a new one.

It was nice talking to starwind_ again. We hadn't talked in a long time.

And this:

Maple Story is proving to be quite the distraction from my work. I admit, it's not all that great (It would be a lot better if I had someone to play with on a regular basis, but it's hard to find anyone worth talking to on there when half the people have names like "HeHiTzMe" or "VeitSoldier23"), but it's still very addicting for someone who has had little to no recent gaming addiction. The last graphic MMORPG I've played was either UO or RO two or more years ago. The last graphic regular game I played was StarCraft about 9 months ago. As you can see I've been fairly deprived in the game department.
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