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Dreams and Thoughts

*yawns* I think I just got up for the umpteenth time this morning with each nap being an hour long. Some of the dreams were nice, sometimes I didn't dream, and others were so so. However the most interesting thoughts happened while I was awake, before going back to sleep. I can imagine talking to him, having some interesting conversations like "I was wondering if you would like to get together some other time" or something of a similar nature.

What I really want is someone to cuddle with while watching a movie or reading a book. Someone to hold or to hold me from time to time. ... umm, right, where was I? oh yeah. I know of one person but I can't say anything to them because of... well, them. It's a long story I'm not getting into again. I just have to find someone else unless they change their mind... unlikely any time soon.

*yawns again* I need to haul my butt out of here and get ready for the day. I need more books to read at any rate anyway.
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