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Dream Scape

I was napping a little bit ago (because we all know I don't get enough sleep at night) and had a very ... interesting dream.

So, I was visiting my sister and the lady she worked with. I've never been there before so it obviously wasn't the lady's place, but the dream made it out to be. There was another older lady there and a couple of younger kids. The younger kids were running in and about and playing video games. About midway through this part of the dream the kids just disappeared and I didn't see them again. I don't remember why I was there or what I was doing. It was all extremely details and narrative (long).

There came a time when my sister and the lady were to leave to somewhere. I was going to get a ride back with them but I needed to grab my things first. I had just cleaned up so everything with organized, except my things were in a bag under some other books, notebooks, and papers. It took me a while to get them and by then the lady had already gone out the door.

I finally got my things and was about to lock the door when I saw the lady getting into the car and they rode off. I closed the door and proceded to follow them thinking they'd come back for me or something.

It started raining so I opened the umbrella I had (although I specifically remember leaving the umbrella next to the door inside the house). It didn't help much because the wind was blowing enough that rain got mid-torso and below anyway. Sometimes the wind would blow into the umbrella causing me to slow down or just about stop. After the second time of being stopped by the wind I figured out how to use the umbrella to break the wind rather than catch it and kept going at a steady pace. I had to change the angle of the umbrella to the wind quite a few times.

The next thing I remember was being off the road and hurt. Somehow my head had been injured and wrapped heavily in bandages. I could barely see so I stumbled wherever I tried to go.

Suddenly the dream had someone with me. I don't know who it is but it had a 'closeness' feel, maybe a family member like my sister. The person talked with me and guided me toward a steep enbankment that we had to climb up. As I climbed I started to realize I could see less and less and it was getting darker and darker. I couldn't be sure if it was the bandage or the injury that was dulling my senses. As I was about to break the top to see over it the person disappeared and I was left there hanging. I pulled whatever energy I could and kept pulling and pulling myself up.

I finally got over the side and saw a highway before me. I was still covered by the woods so no one could see me but as soon as I cleared the brush a van skidded to halt just past me. The people in the van, there were quite a few, at least 4 or 5, argued for a moment like they were decided which of them to come talk to the injured boy. Finally a guy in the very back of the van got out, and I noticed he had a red vest on. I want to say it was a K-Mart vest because that's the impression I got but it didn't actually have any markings. The van door closed behind him and drove off and I wondered why they left him here like that.

The guy led me to a clearing where a lot of other people in red vests were sitting around a long table, seemingly eating. The guy explained that they were putting in a garden center here to grow things. They expected me to help them work so I had to ask how they expected someone who wasn't trained or even worked for them to help. The guy led me to the back of the clearing where a portable building stood with a raised box of dirt next to it. On the wall of the building next to the raised box was a picture diagram for handling... poop wrapping. He showed me how to take squares of poop (which I'm assuming was really manure) and dropping it in this little tray with a layer of something looking gold on the bottom. Then he showed me how to cover the rows with more gold-looking things to make a layer like chocolate bars.

This was all nice and all but I wanted to know what they did with them after that. He remarked on how inquisitive I was and showed me to the planting gardenings, which were actually the tables I thought they were eating at earlier. He introduced me to a few of the other guys there then showed me what they were doing. They were taking the golden-covered poop and breaking them off into single squares again (but covered in gold stuff) and sticking them into the ground. This was supposed to help fertilize the dirt for the plants that they then put in.

All this time I still had the head bandages on. It seemed the front of the bandage was starting to slip so I could talk and see easier. One of the guys gave me beef about the head bandage so I walked over to him, stood there for a second, then gave him a kiss (an extremely sloppy kiss because he started to pull away). The other guys laughed and he was going, like in the movie Remember The Titans, on about how I kissed him. The original guy I came with remarked how maybe he shouldn't have been talking about the bandages then. I was just thinking about how I had finally walked up to a random guy and kissed him.

By this point I decided I'd had enough of the whacked dream and woke up.

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