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This morning I had a very weird dream. Very.

A group were either disgruntle with Wal-Mart or were using it as a distraction. In a construction site next to Wal-Mart the group built a shaft going very deep into the ground. Inside the shaft an elevator and generator was built to power it. The shaft was made of solid concrete with intervals being hollowed out to put bombs in it. Each bomb was different from the rest to keep them from all being disarmed. They were of various strengths.

An employee of Wal-Mart started having visions of the explosions and set out to stop them. He rounded up several other employees and items which would come in handy. (In the dream each employee & item was a mini-story unto itself. For example, a giant nail file when visions said "Use the File")

The employees gathered at the site only to find the first bomb had already started its countdown. This bomb was inside one of the concrete blocks stacked into the column. The employees worked together to unpile them and disarm the bomb. A moment after the bomb would have gone off the column started rising to the next one.

The next bomb wsa simply a few concrete blocked stacked on top of each other. A decoy was in one of the first blocks but one of the employees realized this one was too easy and found the real bomb and disarmed it.

Repeat with other schemes.

Eventually a bomb outwited them. IT was a minor one but they stayed until it was almost too late. One employee stayed in while the others ran out to try to minimize the damage done by it (or maybe it was to hope to disarm it at the very last possible second). The others outside took cover and felt the ground shake as the bomb went off. The employees got up and were about to go back in when an employee remembered one of the visions he had and warned everyone to take cover again, but one employee was tired of taking orders from him and started heading in. Just as he was about to go in the entrance another explosion rocked the ground and sent him diving for cover. It was a double explosion meant to catch anyone that came back in right away. The remaining employees, sobered from their loss, headed back in to continue the challenge.

This is where I woke up at about 5:30 this morning.

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