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Dreamscape: Mutant Animal Facility

This time a family (of three) gets trapped in a city of some sort with mutant animals overrunning everything. They have a vehicle with them they use to get around the facility with. At first the mutants seem just strange but not harmful.

They discover that there is a central research chamber near the middle of the facility and decide to head there in hopes of some way to get out. On the way they see what looks like a lemur clinging to a wall. Then another, and another. Soon there are quite a few of them everywhere. The family is traveling between two fairly close buildings and one of the mutant lemurs is hanging against the wall. As they near it it jumps to the other wall but the family's vehicle hits it in mid jump. The family is rather spooked now and really want out so they gun it to get from between the buildings.

Soon after the jumping mutant lemur incident a new kind of mutant shows up. This one looks like a koala except some of the fur on its back around the neck look like long, hard, and rather dangerous, quills. Rather than chance it the youngest member of the family goads the others to go faster so the koala doesn't have a chance to meet them like the lemurs did.

Once at the research chamber the number of mutant animals have thinned out, to the point where they don't see any. They decide it should be safe enough to leave the vehicle and check out the chamber.

Inside the chamber three mutant animals are sleeping on some of the desks. The family looks around, careful not to disturb them. They find a chamber on the inside, yada yada yada (Yes, I got bored with writing the details of the journey in). As they make their way out of the chamber one of them trips an alarm and a narrow-beam laster in the other room starts firing at them through the door. None of them get hurt but they all get of the way until it settles down.

Once it starts scanning the rest of the room for movement they sneak out. The youngest one climbs onto the laser security-camera-like thing hanging from the wall in an attempt to disable it. By this time the camera has scanned the entire room and didn't find any more movement so it starts to pull itself back against the ceiling. Just as it's about to hug the ceiling a wide-beam laser hits the side of it and moves upwards toward the pole holding it against the ceiling before it goes off. The youngest member looks to where it came from to find the other two members holding a video camera up. The laser starts to come back out again and the youngest member whispers for them to focus it on the base of the laser he's on.

When the ceiling laser falls down it makes quite a bit of noise, waking the three mutants in the room on their way out. The family prepares to have to fight them but don't get attacked when they meet up. In fact, they rather politely let the family pass through and back out to their vehicle.

This would be where I woke up, at 5:40 or so, again.

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