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Everyone Sucks... Horribly

Argh... everyone sucks, ya know that? Do you even want to know why? Well, I'm going to tell you if you want to know or not.

Why does everyone suck? Because no one that can meet my needs is around when I do have. I rarely have needs but everyone abandons me when I do. For example, when I need someone to talk to every is busy with something else that is more important. When I want to create a game I can't. Why? Because I don't know anyone who can create graphics, much less 3D models! I have to do everything myself and I just can't. I could program the best game in the world and still be lacking because the graphics look like they were made by ... ugh, something too horrible to mention.

And when I want to discuss programming everyone avoids me or can't help. My brother can't help because he doesn't write the kind of programs I do... games. Although I'm still not sure that is much of an excuse. Most of my other friends haven't the slightest clue what I'm talking about even though it seems perfectly understandable to me. And anyone that Does understand what I'm saying refuses to because I program in Visual Basic. VB is a perfectly capable language dispite what everyone keeps saying!

I am getting sick of people coming to me with their problems, expecting me to have some magical solution. Catch up with the times you dead beats, I stopped doing that ages ago and from this side of the glass I won't be starting again any time soon. You fix their problem and then the next thing you know they are bashing you because they took your advice and it would've worked if they had just followed it, to the letter instead of changing half of it to what they thought might've been better.

Whoever said the story/play I wrote in 8th grade was good was blind! It stinks horribly. There isn't even a style to it or even a lack of style to make it style!

I am getting sick of having to learn everything myself because no one wants to be a 'team' and work together to get things done. I can't rely on anyone to get things done that I ask them to do. If I were to ask someone to make me a page for something they would make some lame excuse of why they didn't do it... after I asked for it to be done by.


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