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Ahead of his time and beyond his means

I am a person who lives far ahead of his time and beyond his means. I feel like a fish out of water.

I'd like a computer with a mobile interface and display. I want to be able to walk around (even if just the house) and still be able to work on my computer. I want a way to interactively manipulate the display, even having multiple pointers that can do several things at once or interface with each other to do more complex things. A keyboard that is part of the interface and expandable/retractable as needed.

A touchscreen would be a start, except it'd either be too small of a display or too big of a device. A foldable tablet where each screen is 800x600 could work. Each screen would be treated as one monitor (by the OS) and they would be as if the top screen was on top of the other (stacked vertically). In order to reduce the distance between the displays the screen would be put as close to the hinge as possible. (The Nintendo DS just came to mind as a good reference for the layout, although closer to the hinge that connects the screens for a more seamless display.

Except, I know I'll probably never have any of this, and am now depressed. The top is pretty much a "not in this life time" and the bottom is a "expensive custom commission design". =\ *sigh* Some day my spirit for something more than what I have will truely break and I'll stop getting depressed over not having or being able to do things.

Edit: Seems someone has actually thought of the dual-screen laptop/notebook/tablet computer already. Estari is taking orders and will be shipping units this fall for $5,000. (Isn't it just a little odd they started off as a document management software company and are now making a dual-screen mobile computer?)

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