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LOC and chairs

Here is why counting lines of code (LOC) is a bad practice (or standard): I just re-wrote a data abstraction class and it went from 800+ lines to 300+ lines and not a single feature was added, changed, or removed. Whoever says lines of code is good practice around me will immediately lose all of their credibility as far as I'm concerned. End of story.

In other news, earlier today my mom asked me when I would be ready to go out. After a few more questions she told me they wanted to buy something for me for my birthday and wanted me to pick it out. I, err... anyway. We left a few hours later (after lunch) and headed off to the other side of town. My brother was driving his vehicle and passed up the place. It was next to a sports bike / four-wheeler place. The place we actually went to was a office supply and printing shop. Once we got out I saw the front door said "Mon - Fri" but my parents assured me someone was there (they called ahead for once).

We got in and my mom said to pick out a chair. My obvious response was 'what? why?' .... they thought I needed a new chair because the one I have in front of my computer looks so worn out. I neither want or need a new chair as I am perfectly content with this one which they bought at an auction over five years ago, but I humored them and tried out a few.

Half of the chairs were out of the question from the get-go because they had arms and most of those probably wouldn't fit under my desk. All of them had backs harder, or maybe just as soft, as my current one and all of the seats and backs were smaller than my current one. I like to put my feet on the chair seat half the time so that would be more difficult with one of those chairs. As you can see, I was not pleased with being dragged out to get something I neither needed or wanted.
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