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the day was...

Well, today was fairly good, up until I went out. We were planning on going bowling however that didn't work out because we went to the movies first and we had to be somewhere soon after. Saw Bringing Down The House, which was good. Very funny, had people laughing out loud quite often. heh

On a bad note, I'm getting depressed again. Things were going So well up until now. I hate being lonely! I go out to have a little fun and end up coming back actually feeling lonely. I wish someone would appreciate me for who I am rather than what I can do. I'm getting tired of having to help people with their programming or webpages or writing stuff for them just to get the rush of feeling needed or even wanted. I know my sister wants me and all but she has a horrible way of showing it. It doesn't feel that great to talk about someone and have her go all cold on me. Even saying things that make it even harder on me. But that's a different matter entirely, I think.

Really tired right now. I should stop whining about not having someone since... I'm such a sore loser sometimes.
<_< o_o Stopped by the Ascension Community Theatre today... they have a play coming out next Saturday and sometime at the end of April they are auditioning for the next play called "Grease." The thing is it is a musical and I don't think I can sing. However since I'm desperate I'll try out anyway. Not like I have anything to lose.
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