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Job email

umm, umm, umm... *freezes*

I just got an email from someone saying:
"I have a permanent PHP / C# programmer position in Cleveland, Ohio area. Please call me at 866-313-3582 or 440-914-9400.
Please send your resume as a Word attachment.
If you are not interested, do you know anyone you might be?"

*freezes again*

"I don't have any practical knowledge of C, however I'm willing to learn and am a quick study."

*freezes yet again*

oh, my, gosh. Where is Cleveland from Cincinnati?
Well frick, that's like four hours from Cincinnati. A little better than the current 7 hours from Dyersburg, but ... *ponders* I wonder if there's the possibility of telecommuting?

I don't know... I'll speak to my brother about it with the current situation with the real estate investment stuff.

*sniff sniff* Umm, something smells fishy about this. >.>

Wait, what am I thinking. Why am I trying to get a job right now when I have real estate investment lined up that would be a much better money maker than an actual job, and I need the money more than I want the job right now. (I don't have enough time to do all my little projects as it is!)
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