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Dream Story, partial.

I would have to say that was one of the longest dreams I've had in a long time, maybe ever.

It started out in an underground laboratory with a group of people getting ready to fire a missile. They're arguing and one of them is annoying the others so they stick him on the missile and fire it off.

Then the dream does a flash back, or more appropriately the flash forward ends.

Aww, frick, I can't remember how it started off now. It started off with a rogue, a four-inch man, and a mob. The mob were after the rogue & 4-inch man, and they were running away from the mob. The two go through very long, often comedic, plots to keep away from the mob.

At one point, right before the original flash forward scene, they've been dragged onto the mob's very large airplane. The two have been captured, although the rogue is hiding the 4-inch man. The mob is distracted so the rogue throws the 4-inch man through a round stained glass window and jumps after him. Problem is the window doesn't go outside of the plane but into another section of the airplane. In the room they crashed into are several of the mob's lackies. Startled, the lackies just stand there and stare as the rogue puts on a comedic act as if he were free-falling from the plane, oblivious to the lackies staring at him.

After the lackies in front of the rogue and the mob bosses behind had a laugh at his expense, the rogue darts off with the four-inch man in hand, literally. They head into the last room down a hallway which turns out to be a psychologist's office. The mob and its lackies follow him but by the time he gets there he has already disguised himself as the patient and is raving about something to the psychologist. The mob, from the door way, stare at the scene and retreat. Stumped as to where he went they decide to look again, but by then the rogue had slipped by and left the psychologist and real patient knocked out in the office. The mob calls for a full-search of the airplane and the mob bosses convene for a meeting.

The search goes on in the background and the meeting is being overhead. They're discussing who the rogue could be imitating and figure out the door man is the rogue. They stalk off after the last known location of the door man, still arguing amongst themselves on why the door man is the rogue. As they round the corner the rogue is standing there, as himself, and makes a comment on the conversation. Something along the lines of "except if I were him I wouldn't be able to be here right now."

The rogue is captured again and held until they get to the underground laboratory where the original 'flashforward' plays again except you can see the rogue and four-inch man in view, in the corner of the room, this time. The missile is fired with the guy on it, who disarms the trigger mechanism and re-routes the missle back from where it came from in-flight. The mob bosses realize they lost the missile and some other weapon I can't recall off-hand. The missile crashes into the wall and sits there as the mob bosses panic.

I think I finally awoke here, but I can't be sure. I'm still trying to recall the first parts of the dream, which are just as long as the above and there were like three or four of them. Oh well, ya'll will just have to make due. heh
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