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Dream Story - Won't you take me out to the ballgame...

Oh yes, I had a rather interesting dream this morning.

We, my sister and I, were at a ball game except it had some rather unusual rules. Somehow the people in the stands would get involved in the game itself, as in go out and bat and/or man the bases. But, that's not really the interesting part. Half of the field was surrounded by stands, but the other half was surrounded by a chain-link fence and spectators were in both parts. There were a couple of guys (if you've seen the movie Sky High then the two bullies are a good example, except they only had an air of being mischevious and not really bullying) who would toy with the people standing against the fence around the field. They'd run up to them (really fast? like super speed?) and then push them off the fence.

I was taunting the skinnier of the two, and I'm pretty sure my taunts were sexual (as in calling him gay) and he was just about to run at me. Except I was positioned right behind a pole so he'd run into it instead. I thought this was going to be very very amusing, except, he didn't run into the pole. He ran straight through the fence right next to me through a hole I didn't even notice or something. He stood there like he had got the better of my little plan so I grabbed him close and made to kiss him, yes, in front of all the people. He pulled his head back but didn't try to get away then grinned and started to move his head forward to meet mine.

Then, well, the most obvious thing in the world happened. I woke up. Go figure. ;) I'm still amused none-the-less.
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